Capsule Filter Rods

Common name of product ; Capsule Cigarette Filter Rod / Capsule Filter Rod / Capsule Filter Available length ; 96mm -132mm (per a filter rod) Available diameters ; King size, Slim size, Super Slim size Various flavors available by capsule-balls with various flavor-liquid within Various combinations available Available flavor(s) ; Menthol, Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, Coffee, Mint and many others. Capsule Cigarette Filters equip capsule-balls within cigarette filters. When squeezing and popping up capsules within cigarette filters, flavored liquid inside of capsule-balls spreads within a filter and makes different taste from the original tobacco flavor while smoking. On the basis of the flavor design and taste design, Capsule Filter can have 2(two) capsule-balls or 3(three) capsule-balls within 1(one) filter. It is available to provide multiple experiences by capsule-balls within filters. It is available to combine a capsule segment with a charcoal segment, a tube segment or other segments within 1(one) filter for improving filtering function or building robust brand-differentiation strategies. Tag : capsule filter rod

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