Outer shaped Filter Rods

Common name of product ; Outer Shaped Filter Rod / Outer Shape Cigarette Filter / Outer Shaped Filter Available length ; 96mm -132mm (per a filter rod) Available diameters ; King size(only) High quality by outstanding acetate-shaping technology Available to differentiate cigarette brands by unique visual Available to have additional performance by combining with other segments The filtration mechanism of the Outer Shaped Filter increases filter efficiency as it gives a higher level of tar and nicotine retention. Smoke follows shaped acetate flutes within an Outer Shaped Filter with low resistance as smoke flows through a filter. Smoke flows through the paper at the end of embossed flutes. It enhances tar and nicotine retention than standard mono acetate filter under similar smoking environment without increased PD value or higher ventilation. Outer Shaped Cigarette Filter features an attractive visual of the mouth end and may have various segments within. It is available to differentiate various cigarette brands by its unique look.

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