Recessed Filter Rods

Common name of product ; Recess Cigarette Filter Rod / Recess Filter Rod / Recess Filter Available length ; 96mm -132mm (per a filter rod) Available diameters ; King size, Slim size, Super Slim size Special smoking perception available by recess zone Avoid direct contacting cellulose acetate tow Recessed / Recess Cigarette Filter has a RECESSED SPACE with depth 5-7mm at the mouth-end within a cigarette filter. A recessed space by stiff plug-wrap-papers allows obtaining a particular perception of smoke. It is available to give different smoking experience by a recessed zone within a cigarette filter. Recess Cigarette Filters offer unique looks of mouth-ends. It is available to differentiate cigarette brands strategically. Recessed / Recess Cigarette Filter can have various segments within a filter. It is available to combine a capsule segment with a charcoal segment, a tube segment or other segments within 1(one) filter for improving filtering function or building robust brand-differentiation strategies. Also it is available to adopt the flavor within filters by spraying method or equipping capsule-balls within.

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